California Cannabis / Hemp Initiative


Our initiative is simple. Make Cannabis / Hemp 100% legal as before the prohibition. An Industrial Hemp driven economy restores balance to the ecology, the community, and promotes good health. Help California repeal the nefarious taxation and regulation enacted under Prop 64 and implement a fair and equitable Cannabis regulation in its place.

Unites the Community

CCHI - Profits tend to stay in the community where the farmer grows energy. Building local economies, everywhere one can choose to spend locally. Therefore, bye passing the "sign of the double cross" for fuel, where profits immediately go into offshore accounts.

Promotes Free Enterprise

CCHI - Mom&Pop business takes off producing the 250,000 eco clean and green products. Industrial Hemp is the very core of the "Green Revolution". Replacing the corporate "toxic sickle" with mother earth's "natural cycle".

Paper, Fabrics, Fuel, Nutrition, Medicine, and much more!

CCHI - All non toxic, bio degradeable, recyclable, renewable, sustainable, enviromentally clean and eco green machine.

JOBS, JOBS, and more JOBS!

CCHI - Mom&Pop business thrive, as does the local work force. Together they prosper within a revolutionary community economy, driven by Industrial Hemp


Short and Sweet

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Lets raise 2 million dollars


2242 Ralston Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93063


+1 805 • 813 • CCHI (2244)